BMW Tracking App

Experiential, Illustration
Experiential, Illustration

Helping customers track their new BMW's shipping status ⁠— from Germany to the U.S.


⁠— 2016

After waiting six weeks for their custom BMW to be produced and shipped cross-Atlantic from Germany, BMW customers aren't super keen on filling out paperwork and listening to product offerings upon pick-up. They're way too pumped to get behind the wheel. The solution? Beyond the Drive integrates the paperwork and product offerings into the waiting period while allowing customers the unique opportunity to live track the status of their new vehicle.

User persona
Experiential, Illustration
Experiential, Illustration

The suave professional

Robert, 41, just ordered his custom BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe from BMW. He had wanted to travel to Germany to pick his new baby up, but his hectic schedule as a marketing exec wouldn’t allow it. Instead, Robert is using BMW’s new Beyond the Drive App to track his car’s progress.

Robert gets notifications every time his new car has reached a milestone in the production or delivery process. But he also likes to check on the progress for himself when he has free time. Whenever he has a couple minutes to spare, waiting in an elevator or killing time during sports TV commercials, Robert pulls out his app for an update.

He loves all the live views and enjoys having forecasted times and dates of next steps. He also likes looking through his ordered car’s features, reminding him of how freaking cool his car is gonna be. After years of hard work, he’s earned it!

Information Architecture

Experiential, Illustration
Experiential, Illustration

Informing without overloading

With many steps in the production timeline and a lot of detailed information within those step, I was challenged to find an intuitive way of organizing the content. I iterated through different designs utilizing progressive disclosure, trying to find a good balance between limiting the amount of information shown at once while also limiting the number of steps needed to access this information. I also had to figure out how to make the more secondary functions of the app accessible while keeping the timeline the main focus.

Mood board
Experiential, Illustration
Experiential, Illustration

Sleek and smart

Knowing that the primary users of this app would be middle-aged males, I worked within the BMW brand to create a straightforward but sophisticated design. I used silver metallic tones to create a sleek feel and focused on dark grays for a masculine tone.

Experiential, Illustration
Experiential, Illustration

Putting the sketches in gear

With the design, I hoped to strike a good balance between meeting the client's objectives and meeting the consumer's goals. To generate revenue, the client needed to heavily push the product offerings. They aimed to reaching consumers at times when they would be more open and receptive to receiving promotions, and thus more likely to make a purchase. On the opposite side of the coin, the user needed the app to have utility and didn't want to be pestered with annoying ads. Product offerings needed to be presented as valuable content themselves, incorporated seamlessly in conjuction with "real" content.


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