Imagine RIT 2016

Illustration, Animation
Experiential, Illustration
Experiential, Illustration

Designing an animated poster for the annual Imagine RIT Creativity & Innovation Festival


⁠— 2016

Capturing the spirit of Imagine RIT — a festival of innovation and creativity. Each spring, Over 30,000 people converge on RIT's campus to explore the 400+ students exhibits and performances. As the winner of the festival’s annual poster contest, my design was used for all online promotions. Over 5,000 posters were also printed and distributed to attendes and the Rochester commnunity. For display at the festival, I had the opportunity to animate the poster with a small team of designers.

Many poster winners of the past had focused on the same few themes as a way of depicting RIT as a technology school - space, robots, or mascot tigers. I really wanted to deviate from these past solutions, creating something that was FRESH™ yet still managed to capture the same spirit of innovation embodied by these earlier posters. I focused on three main goals in concepting my solution.

My goal was to make viewers want to spend time with the poster. I created several main paths that the user could follow through the piece and then filled the rest of the space with various objects that the viewer could explore. The poster needed to convey the key information from afar (like the event name and year), but also needed to reward the viewer for coming closer - progressive disclosing information in a sense to prompt closer engagement. I hoped that the poster would transcend from a simple static image to something more of an experience.




Kelly Hurlburt

Art Direction

Kelly Hurlburt

Caleb Payne


Kelly Hurlburt

Caleb Payne

Luka Schulz

Ethelia Lung

Mark Sniffen


Joe Bellavia

Sound design

Josh Banach

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